What a Week

This week has been crazy busy at the Garden. We have had a few amazing things happen this week and I know of a couple more that will be happening this coming week also, but I will save that for another time. Nothing like a bit of suspense!

Here is a quick rundown of the events from this week

  • If you have been down to the garden you may have noticed that we have had some pavers delivered and by some I mean approx 12,500.  These will be used to form our paths and pave under/around the shed. It will be great to finally have a bit of form and structure.
  • Thank fully we will have some workers visiting the Habitat for a few hours every week to do some prep work and lay the pavers for us. There is a lot of paving to be done so it will take some time to get it all done unfortunately. Slowly, slowly, you can’t rush perfection.
  • We also have many mounds of mulch that was also delivered this week.  Although before we spread it we need to mark the paths again to ensure we aren’t creating too much work for those laying the pavers. It’s no fun scraping back mulch to lay paving so we may have to hold off on the spreading of mulch for a little bit.
  • We have also a few tree donations this week which is really exciting. So keep an eye out for the next ‘Garden Party’ because I’m sure it will be a busy one.

          DSC00048    DSC00046

In other news we had a committee meeting on Wednesday night where Donelle and Glenda have said that they will be down in the garden on Sundays weekly from 3 – 5pm pottering around.  So if you would like to join them at any time please feel free to do so, even if it’s just for a chat.  The committee decided to buy an urn for the garden so that the next time we have a garden party we can all enjoy a hot drink with our biscuits. This will be one of the most valuable tools in the shed because nothing brings a community together like coffee and cake! A few other points from the meeting include;

  • We are going to steak the mulberry tree as it’s not a very strong tree and is getting blown around a bit.
  • If you have any newspapers could you hold on to them so that we can use them under the mulch please.
  • Also if you have any seedling trays at home or perhaps some pots that you could bring down for our next Garden Party it would be really appreciated.
  • The next Garden Party will be on the Sunday May 3 from 9am till 12pm, we have more wonderful mulch to spread and there are two wicking beds we can finish putting together then cement into the ground so a good opportunity to learn how to put together a wicking bed made out of pallets

I think that’s about it for now.  The only other very important thing is to thank all the people who came to our last Garden Party.  You all worked so hard spreading the mulch and planting the trees and it was very much appreciated. It was also wonderful to have so many people bring a plate of food to share, this is what it’s all about, bringing people together. Thank you again for your help the garden is coming together and it’s all because of you.

          V__503B    V__B8C5

Thanks again

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