Hamersley Happenings – Plant Sale

What shocking weather we’re having. Great for the garden but not so good for getting things done. Never mind the garden is getting the watering it needs so we can’t really complain.

I just thought I would fill you in on the happenings here at the garden.  Once again it has been a very busy few weeks with many great things happening and many more to come but first things first.

flower-pot-weapon-seattle_pmhkvzPlant Sale

We’re planning on having a plant sale some time in early spring and we need your help.

The aim of the sale is to raise some much needed funds for the garden. We have been very fortunate with donations, most recently in the form of timber to build the tree seat (thank you Steven) however we sill have many areas to complete in order for the structural aspects of the garden to be finished. We have the nature play area and the garden beds still to build so the plant sale will go towards making this more of a reality.

How can you help?
If you have some plants in the garden that you would like to get rid of or some plants that need dividing and re-potting then we would be so appreciative if you could donate these to our plant sale. Now is the perfect time to be re-potting and transplanting

The other way you could help is by attending the plant sale and purchasing a lovely new plant for your garden.

Garden Party

The next garden party will be Sunday 24 May from 3-5pm. We have some planting, weeding and building to do so it would be great to see you there. As always bring your gloves, water and sense of humour or just come down for a chat. You don’t need to be a member however you do need to have a desire to see the garden grow. We would also like to have a BBQ dinner afterwards, so please BYO and we will provide the BBQ.

Arbour Day

This is such an amazing opportunity to bring people and children into our garden.  Donelle has arranged for three schools (that’s around 100 students) local Councilors and the Stirling Times to attend this fantastic event on Friday 5 June from 8:50 – 10:50am. The students will be coming from Gelendale Primary School, East Hamersley Primary School and will include the Horticultural students from Warwick Senior High School.  The City of Stirling Community Tree Planting Program has provided us with over thirty trees and shrubs to plant in our garden and the students from East Hamersley Primary school will be making a frog bog to link with their studies on the habitat and lifecycle of frogs.

How can you help? If you have any rocks (roundish and small) that would suit a dry creek bed and frog bog and are willing to donate them then please contact us via the Hamersley Habitat email hamersleyhabitat@outlook.com

Good News

  • Harvey Norman Malaga and HP has kindly donated a laptop to the Hamersley Habitat Community Garden to that we can keep all our documentation in the one place. This will prove invaluable once we become an Incorporation.


  • The third path is currently under construction and will be running across the front of the Terry’s Shed. Eventually the paving around the shed will extend beyond the pergola and to the edge of a retaining wall which will provide a great area to sit and look out over the garden.
  • The artwork on the white wall will be started in the next few weeks which will help to brighten the garden up a bit.
  • Steven Fitzgerald has kindly donated some timber in order for us to build a seat around the tree in the children’s nature play area. Wayne has designed the seat and it should be ready for construction in time for our upcoming garden party which will be fantastic.
  • Servite College have kindly donated a picnic table and bench (possibly two) for us to use in the garden which will provide us with some much needed seating.


I’m pretty sure that’s it for now, lets just hope that the rain clears up for next Sunday’s Garden Party.

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