Arbor Day in the Garden

After weeks of planning Arbor day was finally here. All the preparation and stress was worth it to see our little Hamersley Habitat Community Garden full of people. It was such a beautiful sight. The thing that meant the most to me was seeing people come together. It didn’t matter the age, gender, race everyone was working together, side by side towards a common goal of making the garden a beautiful place to be and what better day to do it on, than Arbor Day.

There were so many amazing moments yesterday and I’m sure everyone was able to take something away from the day. I personally have three moments but they all have a common theme. First it was seeing Mitchell working with the East Hamersley Primary School Students planting around the frog bog. It was a side of him I had never seen and it was such a beautiful moment to be a part of. Second was eavesdropping on a conversation between one of our eldest members, Peter, talking to a group of students from Warwick Senior High School and Glendale primary School where he was teaching them about photosynthesis. The students were so engrossed in what he was saying and were openly engaging with him on level playing field. The third moment for me was seeing some Warwick Senior High School students attempting to plant an avocado tree. Another member that I have not yet met (an older man) took the time to help them. He showed them how to remove the plant from it’s container which they were struggling with. It sounds like a simple gesture but what he did was show them how to do it, he didn’t do it for them, he gave them the skills to be able to do it on their own. Like I said it was so simple but that small gesture bridged a generational gap. There were no walls, no barriers, no judgement, no false pretenses, just people coming together as a community.

          DSC09687 DSC09741 DSC09641

There are more photos of our fantastic Arbor Day on our gallery page.

Enough from me here are a few words from our wonderful coordinator Donelle.

Today in the sunshine we celebrated our very first Arbor Day at Hamersley Habitat. Students from Glendale Primary, East Hamersley Primary and Warwick Senior High School Horticulture students joined in the activities with us, we had over 130 students, teachers, parent, helpers in the garden today. We received many kind donations, the City of Stirling donated native plants, Waldecks Balcatta and PermaWest donated water plants for our newly constructed frog pond/bog and Bunnings gave us some vegetable seedlings for our Pre Primary’s from Glendale to plant.

Chris Hatton donated a large pecan tree and helped the Year One students from Glendale to plant it, even after a wild hose got him with the Seasol. Joanne Burgess the Sustainability Officer from the City of Stirling shared her knowledge with some of our older students in preparing the ground for the natives to be planted while some of our experienced members helped the students with planting. The Year Ones from East Hamersley who are learning all about frogs worked along side Counsellor Andrew Guilfoyle from the City of Stirling to plant our water plants around the frog bog/pond, the students sang songs about frogs as they worked!

After working alongside each other we all sat down for a cold milk drink and chat organised by Richard our local milkman and kindly donated by Brownes Diary Balcatta. The students just a little bit dirtier headed for their walk back to school with certificates and colouring activities kindly created by our talented member Bobbi and some goodies from Bunnings.

The members then enjoyed a well earned rest with a cuppa and delicious banana muffin made by Glenda our wonderful caterer looking over the wonderful work done in the garden today! The Hamersley Habitat Members did a fantastic job and working tirelessly to make today such a wonderful success and learning opportunity for the students and a lot of fun for everybody!
We hope to see all our new friends in the garden soon ….. don’t forget to become a member and receive all our latest updates and happenings at Hamersley Habitat

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