Arbor Day – Part Two

I actually started writing this part first but it just kept growing so I thought you might appreciate it being broken in two.

Today would never have happened if it weren’t for the combined effort of the community as a whole and for that we need to say thank you.

The Thank You’s

The thing that is so amazing about our committee is that everyone has their own unique talents and every person used their talents to pull this day together.

Richard has a great understanding and passion for Frog Bogs (who knew), so he not only helped to build the basic structure of the Frog Bog he also ran the Frog Bog activity with the students from East Hamersley Primary School today. He did such a fantastic job. He also provided us with a contact at Brownes who donated flavoured milk for all people attending Arbor Day.

Richard was ably assisted by Mitchell who is not only our ‘Tool Man’ he is also they person who does all the jobs that no-one else really wants to do. He lifts heavy things, waters the plants, breaks rocks by torchlight and is always there when someone needs a hand.

Gary is another one of those people who just seems to know a lot about everything and is always there when a job needs to be done. He is the silent assassin who just quietly gets the job done. He’s also one who is there to lend a hand, no matter what the job might be and was also instrumental in the building of the Frog Bog.

Glenda although not able to do a lot of physical work, she is the one who is always making sure we are fed and watered and for that we appreciate her so much. Glenda also did a lot of running around gathering extra plants for us today without which we may have been in a little trouble.

Tara, although not a committee member she is a member of the garden who painted the beautiful sign with all our details on it.  This will eventually be hung on ‘Terry’s Shed’ and will be the place to find out updates such as when the next Garden Party will be held. Considering she managed to paint it when she has two young children to care for she did an amazing job.

Wayne who is a jack-of -all trades. He builds, he lifts heavy things, he paints (the wording on the sigh that Tara painted), he helps co-ordinate the building projects such as the paths and paving and he’s just a good bloke who is always up for a chat.

To the committee and members as a whole, your support has been invaluable. It was great to see so many of you there today.

Last but certainly not least is Donelle.

Two years ago it was Donelle’s dream to turn a wasted piece of council land into a thriving community garden. After a long journey the garden was finally opened in March of this year. Since then we have seen continuous progress in the garden and it was Donelle’s hard work and dedication that made today possible. She is the driving force behind the garden and has  spent a lot of her own time coordinating today’s activities. From all of us, the Hamersley Habitat Committee and Members publicly thank you.

The Business Thank you’s

Today also wouldn’t have been the success it was without the following businesses and people;

  • Bunnings Balcatta – who not only provided man (and woman) power today, they also provided plants and some gift bags for the students to take home. They have also provided the prizes for the colouring in competition.
  • City of Stiring – who provided the plants for Arbor Day, in particular Joanne who was onsite to help with the planting.
  • City of Stirling Counsellor Andrew Guilfoyle for the Hamersley Ward
  • Brownes – who provided the flavoured milk for all the participants.
  • PermaciltureWest – who provided the plants for the Frog Bog.
  • Waldeks – who provided extra plants for the garden at very short notice.
  • Chris Hatton MLA – who was not only present at the Arbor Day activities but he also donated the Pecan tree that the Glendale Primary School helped to plant.
  • Glendale Primary School PP and Year 1 classes – who came down and helped to plant some seedlings and natives.
  • East Hamersley Primary School – who came to the garden to put the finishing touched on our frog bog and plant some water plants in the hope of attracting some frogs.
  • Warwick Senior High School Horticultural class – who came down to help plant some of the larger natives.

Thank you


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