Reaching Out

Arbor day was a big turning point for the garden in terms of our connection to the wider community, in particular the local schools. One of the schools in attendance, Warwick Senior High School, has continued it’s growing connection to the garden.

Since Arbor Day the students have been learning about Horticulture with the knowledge that what they are learning actually has practical implications. They are able to take what they are learning in class and apply it directly to the garden, which is an invaluable resource to have.  Once we have our garden beds built it will be a further teaching aide for the classroom enabling the students to learn about soil testing, companion planting, natural herbicides and so much more.

We look forward to seeing the students in the garden for many years to come.

Hamersley Habitat is benefiting from the support given by our wonderful Year 7 Horticulture students. Our students have been putting their classroom studies into practice over recent weeks and Friday saw the group planting native seedlings in the community garden.

Utilising a neglected piece of public open space near to the school, the Hamersley Habitat Community Food Garden is set up to offer community support to those wishing to access common property for a garden, as well as learning skills that can make home gardens more productive and friendly to the wildlife of our community.

What a great partnership our school is forming with a local community group.

Exert taken from the Warwick Senior High School Newsletter

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