Work for the Dole Begins

Today we are fortunate enough to have Work for the Dole start work in our little garden. After much behind the scenes work from Donelle, Wayne, Terry and Kath to get this project off the ground the group of ten plus men began work in the garden today and will be working four days a week for the next six months.

The team will be lead by Mr Brendon Donaldson who has had many years experience in the building industry having owned and run his own business and most recently teaching at Tafe, both here in Perth and in Albany.  Brendon will be teaching the men in the program to lay bricks and build timber and corrugated iron garden beds which will be a huge benefit to the garden. With the program we are also hoping to have the tree seat built and the pergola painted and a few other maintenance issues taken care of.

Today the team marked out where the garden beds will be built and cleared the mulch away ready for the footings and also moved the large pile of mulch that was in the children’s garden. We are certainly not the only ones benefiting from their work because the local magpies were going crazy with the bugs that were unearthed.

DSC02217         DSC02216

We look forward to keeping you up to date with the progress of the garden both the building and the new growth. You can certainly tell the spring has sprung in the garden because there is so much new growth, particularly on the trees. I can’t wait to nibble on a mulberry or two.


Happy Gardening.

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