Garden Goings On

Survival during the heatwaves of February has been the main game and we’ve done very well with only minor losses. A big thank you to all who have maintained the watering roster. The self-watering (wicking) beds have proved their worth over the summer.

Currently in the garden we have pumpkins, watermelons, rockmelons, corn, squash, tomatoes, beetroot, peas, cauliflowers, strawberries, rhubarb, capsicum and the last of the zucchinis.

The boomerang bed at the shopping centre end is now reserved for flowers and is currently bright with vincas and geraniums. The handball court is also complete. The boys have done an outstanding job with this and it’s many moves but now it has a permanent home which will be great for the children.

Some plants had to be moved to allow for changes in the layout. These are struggling and may need an extra bit of love but should recover when the weather cools down.

Bananas and passionfruit are growing well as are the fig and the climbers in the planter boxes.

The compost boxes are in need of more household and garden waste. The second one is the one to add to at the moment. Please no big sticks or branches, nothing with thorns (eg roses). In general the smaller the bits, the faster they break down. Scraps of newspaper, cardboard etc are fine.

New beds will gradually be brought into production during the autumn and allow them time to settle. Do you have any suggestions as to what we could plant?

Happy growing
Peter and Gill (our gardeners)


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