UNDER THE TUARTS – September 2016

Hello everyone,

It’s been a while since our last newsletter and we are all waiting for Spring which seems about a month late this year. Nevertheless, many of our native plants are doing very well with lots of flowers. Check out the kangaroo paws!

As a consequence of the cool weather, summer crops have been very slow to get going. We also have a problem with snails which really like the cold and damp. If anyone has any 2 litre cool drink bottles (clear plastic) we would appreciate them to cut in two parts and use as snail and slug barriers for our pumpkin, watermelon and zucchini seedlings which are being eaten as fast as they appear. Donations can be left at the garden. We are also looking for flower pots, especially the smaller ones.

A few weeks ago we dug up and distributed a really good crop of potatoes. There is also spinach (chard), celery and broccoli now available. The broad beans just need a few warm days and they will be ready too. Strawberries are also coming into season.

Summer/Spring crops recently planted include beans, climbing and dwarf, sweet corn and cucumber (still waiting for these to come up). Quite a few flowers are coming on so we should have a really colourful display before long.

The Spring Open Day is rapidly approaching on Saturday 15th, we will all be in the garden so I hope you will join us. If you have spare pot plants please donate them to the plant stall.  If you would like to acquire some plants  please visit our plant stall.  It will be open from 10 am (donations from 8 am).  This is one of our main fund-raising events so any help will be appreciated.

From our Tuesday Gardeners.

Hi everybody,

We welcome our new gardeners to the Friday morning gardening group, bringing our numbers up to eight members.  Sharing together our beautiful garden, knowledge and friendship over morning tea has become a regular highlight of the Friday meetings.

With our increased members the ground level shrubs and trees have all been fertilized (organically) to encourage Spring growth. A lot of weeding has been completed throughout the garden, for now!  New plantings of dianthus, marigold, petunias and nemesia will add much needed colour in the coming weeks!  Bed No. 13 will soon have mustard seed sown in to help control soil diseases, the green crop will be dug into the soil to increase soil structure and fertility.

Happy Gardening, from our Friday Gardeners.


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