Under the Tuarts – January 2017

It’s 38 degrees outside as we write this – 41 tomorrow – typical Australia Day.

Not easy to keep gardens going this time of the year but, due to a heroic effort from everyone on the watering roster, the Habitat Garden is looking good.

Some crops are finished or nearly so – beans, runner and dwarf, corn, radishes, rocket, silver beet, peas. All have been top crops over the last couple of months. Still coming on are pumpkins, rock melons, water melons, zucchini (have you seen the new golden colour zucchini?) and another crop of runner beans. We’ve also got capsicums, a great looking crop of egg fruit, snake beans, leeks, a few beetroot and a few lettuces. There’s plenty of basil to go with your tomatoes, chives, oregano and a range of other herbs.

Recent plantings have been French carrots-round ones, radish, cucumbers and herbs. Good soil preparation with plenty of compost and a soil wetting agent where required are essential this time of the year. A certain amount of shade is also beneficial, whether from trees overhead or shade cloth and of course regular watering.

Two of the berry vines recently planted are doing well – one is a Loganberry and the other a Youngberry. Another new addition is a Dragon Fruit (Pitaya) which is a cactus from Mexico that has delicious, colourful edible fruit. You’ll find that growing inside the set of rings.

The apple trees have quite a bit of fruit on them – we can only hope they will survive the hot weather. The passion fruit vines have grown amazingly with some fruit – maybe more next year. The banana plantation is also thriving – again, maybe next year we will have bananas.  Our other fruit trees are all coming on well.

There’s also quite a bit of colour with petunias, snapdragons, dianthus and a purple artichoke that has gone to flower. The native area is doing well – many of them should really take off after another winter.  Our compost bays are working well and we have been fortunate to spread some wonderful compost around the garden.  Altogether, a credit to all the gardeners and workers in the garden. Well done!


We are always looking for garden pots, especially the 12 to 15 cm variety (approx 1 Litre or a little larger), but bigger ones (2 Litres or more) are always welcome. If you have any kicking around just drop them off.

If anyone feels they are able to be on the reserve watering roster please let us know. There are times when people are away or not well and we can use some fill-ins. Times are variable.

See you at the next working bee or anytime in the garden.


The Gardeners at HHCG

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