Notice of Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of Hamersley Habitat Community Garden Inc will be held at 5pm on Friday 4 August 2017.  Venue – 15A Brabant Way, Hamersley.
Order of Business will be:

  • Confirm Minutes of 2016 AGM.
  • Report by Chairperson/Coordinator
  • Financial Report/statement
  • Election of office holders and Committee.
  • Fees for 2017/18
  • General Business

You are invited to nominate either yourself or another eligible person to a Position on the Committee.  Both the Nominator and the Nominee must sign the nomination form.  Completed forms to be lodged with Chairperson/Coordinator Donelle Wilson no later than 7 days before the AGM (Friday 28 July 2017).  Download an  AGM Nominator form or you can obtain one at the Garden or Chairperson.

The Positions to be filled are: Chairperson/ Coordinator, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Gardener Coordinator, Maintenance Officer, Media/Communications Officer, Catering Officer, Children’s Activities Officer and Committee member/s.

For more information please contact Chairperson/Coordinator Donelle Wilson (; or 0466 551 700).

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