Under The Tuarts June 2017

Winter has finally come upon us. We’ve had a couple of good rains and the days are distinctly colder. All the beds are planted with winter crops and many of them are looking very good indeed.


The clover leaf beds with (from the left) broccoli, cauliflowers and spinach

We had a very good turnout for Arbour Day with over 100 school students and a large group of adults to supervise and instruct. Four beds were planted out with vegetable seedlings and a large number of ground cover natives were planted on the southern strip behind the shed. These are doing well. We were very glad to get the rain soon afterwards as it was a lot to water on top of the rest of the garden. Many thanks to everyone who helped on the day.

An experiment is being run in Bed 26 with two parallel beds with similar crops, one with soil charcoal and one without. At this stage the red cabbage in the bed with charcoal is looking healthier than in the other bed. It remains to compare the cabbages when ready to pick. This sort of trial is well worthwhile and could be repeated with other soil additives.


The experimental beds. The nearer one has the charcoal additive.

The ice cream bean tree (Inga edulis) is a point of great interest in the garden. It has cropped prolifically this year. The large pods contain a fluffy white flesh which is edible and tastes like ice cream. It is a South American tree, a legume and therefore nitrogen fixing. The seeds are also edible when ground up.


Ice cream bean tree – now ready to be picked and eaten

Other fruit trees and vines are coming on well including several citrus trees, the apples and the passionfruit vines which have been quite amazing with heaps of fruit. The bananas have also grown very well and we expect to see bunches of bananas by this time next year.


Citrus, foreground, apples (left) and grapevines on the pergola.

Many thanks to the watering team who put in a sterling effort to keep everything going in the very dry Autumn. Don’t forget to carry on potting for the Garden Open Day in November. We’ve ordered better weather this year! And keep those contributions for the compost bins going.


Until next time:
The Gardeners

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