UNDER THE TUARTS – December 2017

Summer has arrived.  We’ve had some warm to hot days already but precious little rain – a precursor of what’s to come, no doubt.

Regular watering is key to the continuing impressive performance of our Community Garden and the Watering Roster is ensuring regular watering for our entire Garden.

All the beds are planted to summer crops and many of them are looking very good.  In fact, despite the setback of the mini tornado in July, the whole Garden is in excellent condition after winter.

Of course the warmer weather has brought out the usual pests and bugs – white butterflies have been as numerous as anyone can remember, so cabbage grubs have been a real challenge.

The new raised garden beds are planted and the herbs and flowers are putting on a lovely show.  New equipment is being put to good use, including the mulcher which is being used to feed the compost and adding another element to the garden self sufficiency.

Talking about compost, we could do with some lawn cuttings and shredded paper in the compost bin at the Garden to boost our compost supplies.  Compost is great natural additive to the Garden beds and plants.

The experiment run in Bed 29 has had mixed results but was well worth the effort and yielded some good lessons.

We had a very good turn-out for the Spring Family Open Day last month (November).  Hundreds of plants cultivated by members were sold, as well as donated cakes, pizzas, raffles and Devonshire teas.  The proceeds will go towards Garden admin and day-to-day expenses as well as garden supplies and seedlings. At least eight new members were signed up.

Well done to everyone involved.

Until next time                                                  THE GARDENERS.

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