Thanks To….

We would like to say a heartfelt thanks to the businesses, public services and individuals who have provided goods or services in order for this garden to be what it is today.  With out you it wouldn’t have been possible.

Donelle – for her tireless efforts co-ordination the garden and the committee.

The Hamersley Habitat Committee – for volunteering your time and skills to create such a welcoming environment for the community to potter and chat.

Andrew Guilfoyle – for Hamersley Ward Councillor City of Stirling for his ongoing friendship and support to the garden and for accessing the garden with a drink fountain and reserve sign.

Corrective Services – for ongoing works and effort in the creation of Hamersley Habitat Community Garden.

Work for the Dole – for their previous contribution and hard work to the garden.

Chris Hatton – for his support in Parliament (yes we got a mention in State Parliament) and his generous personal donation.

Minister Michael Keenan – Federal Government grant “Building Better Communities Grant” to aquire our Pizza Oven and Solar lighting.

Margaret Quirk – for the donation of the Ice cream bean tree.

Minister Joe Francis – for his support to our garden.

Dickies Tree Service – for the mounds of mulch.

Waldecks Kingsley –  for their ongoing donations to the garden

Shalom House – for sending some men down to spread all the mulch piles for us. This was appreciated by everyone.

Servite College – for the bench seat, it is a much welcomed and used addition to our garden.

Waldecks, Brownes, PermacultureWest – for you donations to the 2015 Arbor Day activities.


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